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If you own a diesel vehicle manufactured by Ford, you may be entitled to compensation for the company's diesel emission deception. Ford, like other car manufacturers, has been involved in a diesel emissions scandal, which has had far-reaching implications for vehicle owners. In this blog, we will delve into the Ford diesel emissions controversy, the vehicles affected, the impact on vehicle performance, and, most importantly, your right to compensation for the deception.

Understanding the Ford Diesel Emissions Controversy

The diesel emissions scandal surrounding Ford has sparked legal action for toxic fumes and respiratory diseases caused by the vehicles' emissions. The car manufacturer has been accused of using defeat devices, devices that manipulate emissions tests, to lower emissions levels during regulatory tests. However, real-world emissions levels of these vehicles often exceed regulatory standards, leading to claims for compensation from vehicle owners.

What is the Ford Diesel Emissions Controversy?

Extensive research conducted in 2015 revealed that a number of Ford diesel vehicles were emitting Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) at levels that exceeded European regulatory limits. Initially discovered by a government-funded study, it was found that certain Ford engines were releasing NOx pollutants at rates up to seven times higher than the legal threshold. NOx is a harmful gas that is known to have adverse effects on human health, contributing to respiratory diseases, cancer, as well as environmental problems such as acid rain and smog.

Further investigations carried out in Belgium uncovered that although Ford vehicles did not contain the same type of 'defeat devices' implicated in the infamous VW Dieselgate scandal, they did possess a different kind of device called a “thermal window”. It is believed that this mechanism alters the performance of emissions control systems under specific temperature conditions.

Understanding the Ford Diesel Emissions Controversy

Ford has come to the defense of using these thermal windows, stating that they are allowed by law due to a specific exemption. This exemption permits the use of defeat devices if they are necessary for protecting the engine against damage or accidents and ensuring safe vehicle operation. However, this defense has faced scrutiny within legal circles.

The Court of Justice of the European Union recently clarified the extent of this exemption. According to the Court, such devices can only be justified if they are essential in safeguarding the engine from sudden and exceptional damage. The emphasis on "sudden and exceptional" implies that this exemption may not cover long-term degradation of vehicle components.

Statistics indicate that excessive NOx emissions can have significant health and environmental consequences. For instance, according to the European Environment Agency, NOx emissions are a major cause of air pollution in urban areas, contributing to an estimated 75,000 premature deaths across Europe each year. Therefore, the revelation of Ford's utilisation of thermal windows in diesel engines raises significant concerns regarding public health and environmental protection.

Ford, along with other leading automakers, is currently under scrutiny for their emissions practices. This situation emphasises the growing significance of transparency and adherence to regulations in the automotive sector.

Implications of Ford's Emission Cheat Devices

The use of defeat devices by vehicle manufacturers, such as Ford, raises serious questions about emissions standards and regulatory compliance. Owners of affected vehicles are now seeking compensation for lower emissions and the health risks associated with toxic fumes. It is important for vehicle owners to understand that legal costs for emissions claims are being covered under a fee basis, meaning claimants only pay legal fees if their claim for compensation is successful. This fee basis ensures risk-free legal representation for claimants.

Which Ford Models Involved in the Emissions Scandal?

The emissions scandal has implicated a number of Ford diesel vehicles, including popular models like the Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta, and Ford Transit. These vehicles are being scrutinised for their emissions claims and the use of defeat devices, which manipulate emissions levels during regulatory tests but emit higher levels of pollutants in real-world conditions. Currently, authorities in Germany and the UK are conducting thorough investigations into the extent of the emissions issue with Ford vehicles. Various Ford models are being tested to determine their compliance with emission standards. The German Federal Ministry of Transport, also known as KBA, is specifically focusing on examining the emission outputs of the Ford Focus and C-Max models for any potential irregularities.

Which Ford Models Involved in the Emissions Scandal

In the UK, at the same time, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has conducted its own series of tests, specifically on the Ford Transit model. The results they obtained were concerning, as they revealed that the Ford Transit emits twice the legally allowed levels of pollutants when tested across all gears. This finding is particularly significant because the Ford Transit is widely used in both commercial and private sectors throughout the UK.

These ongoing investigations are crucial in determining the extent of the emission problems and ensuring compliance with environmental standards. The results from these tests have the potential to impact a wide range of stakeholders, including individual vehicle owners and large fleet operators. This highlights the importance of rigorous emission testing and adhering to environmental regulations.

As these investigations continue, they emphasise the automotive industry's increasing focus on environmental responsibility and the necessity for manufacturers to comply with strict emission regulations in order to safeguard public health and the environment.t.

Identifying the Affected Ford Vehicles

If you own a diesel vehicle manufactured by Ford, it is important to determine whether your vehicle is affected by the emissions scandal. Vehicle registration numbers are used to identify affected vehicles for emissions claims. If your vehicle registration number matches those of affected vehicles, you may be eligible for compensation for lower emissions and the health risks associated with toxic fumes.

Impact on Vehicle Performance and Efficiency

The use of defeat devices in car engines, such as those installed in Ford diesel vehicles, not only raises emissions levels but also has implications for vehicle performance and efficiency. Owners of affected vehicles have reported decreased fuel efficiency, reduced engine performance, and increased maintenance costs. These issues, coupled with the health risks of toxic fumes, further emphasise the need for compensation for owners of affected vehicles.

Your Right to Compensation for Ford's Diesel Emission Deception

As a vehicle owner impacted by Ford's diesel emission deception, you have the right to claim compensation for lower emissions, toxic fumes, and respiratory diseases caused by the vehicle's emissions. To understand your eligibility for compensation, it is important to consider the criteria for filing a claim.

What are the Criteria for Eligibility in the Ford Diesel Emissions Claim?

To be eligible for compensation in the Ford diesel emissions claim, vehicle owners must possess vehicle registration numbers that match those of affected vehicles. This registration number serves as evidence of vehicle ownership and involvement in the emissions scandal. Additionally, owners who have experienced toxic fumes, respiratory diseases, lower emissions, increased maintenance costs, or regulatory standards issues may also be eligible for compensation.

Estimating Your Potential Compensation Amount

The compensation amount for owners of affected Ford diesel vehicles varies depending on several factors, such as car finance, maintenance costs, legal fees, and the severity of emissions claims. To estimate your potential compensation, it is essential to consult with our legal experts who can assess your claim and provide guidance throughout the compensation process. These legal professionals have extensive experience in handling similar claims, ensuring that claimants receive the compensation they deserve.

Your Right to Compensation for Ford's Diesel Emission Deception

Ford Diesel Emissions Scandal: Key Statistics

Statistic Source
Ford faces a class-action lawsuit alleging emissions cheating in 500,000 heavy-duty trucks Reuters
The lawsuit claims Ford used "defeat devices" in F-250 and F-350 Super Duty diesel trucks from 2011-2017 CNBC
Ford allegedly misled regulators about the emissions levels of 1.2 million vehicles The New York Times
The affected vehicles emitted up to 50 times the legal limit of nitrogen oxide pollutants BBC News
Ford recalled 953,000 vehicles worldwide in 2019 to address emissions issues Reuters
The recall included 782,000 vehicles in the United States Reuters
Ford set aside $610 million to cover the costs related to the recall and lawsuit Bloomberg
The company faced a criminal probe by the U.S. Justice Department over its emissions certification process The New York Times
Ford's stock price dropped by 3.4% following the announcement of the class-action lawsuit CNBC

Please note that these statistics were sourced from various news outlets and may be subject to updates as the Ford diesel emissions scandal develops

Legal Assistance for Ford Diesel Emissions Claims

If you are considering filing a claim for compensation, legal assistance can provide invaluable support throughout the process. Expert legal teams specialise in handling diesel emissions claims and can assist you with gathering evidence, assessing claim validity, and navigating the legal complexities of the claim process.

How Expert Legal Teams Can Help You

Expert legal teams are dedicated to helping claimants through every step of the compensation claim process. They analyse your claim for compensation, ensuring that no aspect is overlooked, and provide advice on the best course of action. These legal professionals handle all legal aspects of your claim, ensuring it is handled efficiently and professionally.

The "No Win, No Fee" Concept Explained

To alleviate financial risk for claimants, many legal firms adopt the "No Win, No Fee" concept for diesel emissions claims. Under this fee basis, claimants only pay legal fees if their claim for compensation is successful. This policy provides claimants with risk-free legal representation, allowing access to legal advice without upfront costs.

Initiating Your Ford Diesel Emissions Claim

If you believe you are eligible for compensation for Ford's diesel emission deception, it is essential to initiate your claim promptly. Taking action as soon as possible ensures a timely resolution of your claim and increases the likelihood of receiving compensation for lower emissions, toxic fumes, and respiratory diseases.

Initiating Your Ford Diesel Emissions Claim

Steps to Begin Your Ford Emissions Compensation Claim

To begin your Ford emissions compensation claim, you must gather the necessary documentation to support your claim. This includes vehicle registration documents, maintenance costs, and any evidence of toxic fumes, lower emissions, or regulatory standards issues. Filing an enquiry form with accurate information initiates your claim, and legal experts will assess the validity of your claim and guide you through the compensation process.

Required Documentation for Filing Your Claim

When filing your claim, it is crucial to provide thorough documentation to strengthen the validity of your compensation claim. Necessary documentation includes vehicle registration, maintenance costs, any evidence of defeat devices or lower emissions, and detailed records of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions levels. These records demonstrate the impact of Ford's diesel emissions scandal on vehicle owners and further substantiate compensation claims.

What if I No Longer Own the Ford Vehicle?

Even if you no longer own the vehicle affected by Ford's diesel emissions scandal, you may still be eligible for compensation. Legal professionals can provide guidance on claiming compensation for vehicles no longer owned, ensuring that owners receive the compensation they deserve for lower emissions, toxic fumes, and respiratory diseases.

How Long Does the Claim Process Take?

The duration of the claim process for Ford diesel emissions claims can vary depending on the specifics of each claim. Factors such as evidence collection, legal assessments, and claim complexity determine claim processing time. Expert legal teams provide claimants with a clear overview of the anticipated claim process duration, allowing for proper management of expectations.

How Can I Find Out if My Ford Vehicle is Affected?

You can check if your Ford vehicle is affected by the emission claim by contacting Ford directly or visiting their website. They may require your vehicle's VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to confirm.

What are the Potential Consequences of the Ford Emission Issue?

Potential consequences for owners of affected vehicles could include reduced vehicle value, increased fuel consumption, and higher emissions than expected, potentially leading to environmental harm and legal issues.

Can I Join the Ford Diesel Emission Claim?

If you are the owner or lessee of a Ford diesel vehicle that is impacted, you may qualify to participate in the emission claim. It is recommended that you seek advice from our legal specialist to comprehend your entitlements and the steps involved. Alternatively, you can conveniently complete our Diesel emission claim form and our specialist will contact you.

What Compensation Can I Expect from the Ford Emission Claim?

The compensation varies and could include a financial settlement or corrective action by Ford. The exact details depend on the specifics of the claim and legal proceedings.

How Long Will the Ford Diesel Emission Claim Process Take?

The duration of the claim process can vary based on legal complexities and the number of claimants. It could take several months to years for a resolution.

Will the Ford Emission Claim Affect My Vehicle’s Warranty?

Generally, participating in an emission claim should not affect your vehicle's warranty. However, it's always a good idea to confirm this with Ford or a legal advisor.

How Does the Ford Emission Issue Impact the Environment?

The emission issue could mean that affected vehicles emit more pollutants than legally allowed, impacting air quality and contributing to environmental problems like smog and acid rain.