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Are you a Porsche diesel car owner who has been affected by the dieselgate scandal? If so, you may be eligible for a Porsche diesel claim settlement. The Porsche diesel emissions scandal, also known as the Porsche Emissions Scandal, has had a significant impact on Porsche and its customers. In this blog, we will discuss the dieselgate incident, Porsche's role in the scandal, the affected Porsche diesel car models, eligibility criteria for a claim, the process of filing a claim, potential compensation figures, selling your Porsche post-scandal, and what to do if your claim is denied. If you own a Porsche diesel car, We will provide you with valuable information on how to navigate the legal proceedings and seek the compensation you deserve. In the UK, anyone who purchased a new or second-hand diesel vehicle from the Audi, Chrysler, BMW, Citroën, Fiat, Ford, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Land Rover, Mini, Mercedes, Nissan, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, SEAT, Skoda, Vauxhall, Volkswagen or Volvo brands between the crucial 2007-2018 period is urged to make a compensation claim.

Understanding the Porsche Diesel Emissions Scandal

The dieselgate scandal, also known as the Porsche diesel emissions scandal, involved Porsche and its diesel car models in Germany. Similar to other car manufacturers in the VW Group, Porsche was found to have used defeat devices in their diesel engines. These devices manipulated emissions tests, enabling the cars to pass by emitting lower levels of nitrogen oxide (NOx) than they would under normal driving conditions. The scandal was brought to light in 2015 when it was discovered that Volkswagen, the parent company of Porsche, had employed similar cheating devices on their diesel vehicles. Indeed, the scandal was originally known as the ‘Volkswagen Emissions Scandal’, highlighting the fact that Volkswagen was the first car maker to be discovered to have intentionally programmed Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) diesel engines to activate emissions controls only during emissions testing.

In May 2018, the Porsche Emissions Scandal emerged when German authorities mandated the recall of 60,000 diesel vehicles, including Macans and Cayennes. Tests revealed significantly higher real-world NOx emissions due to a 'warm-up strategy' akin to the Volkswagen Group scandal in 2015. German authorities required the removal of these defeat devices. As a result of these violations, Porsche faced a £535 million fine, raising concerns about public health. Owners of affected vehicles may be eligible for compensation and can seek guidance from emissions solicitors for assistance.

The Dieselgate Incident and Its Impact

The dieselgate incident led to federal investigations and legal action against Porsche and other carmakers within the VW Group. Porsche's involvement in the dieselgate scandal resulted in significant legal fees and settlements, as the carmaker had to address the non-compliance of its diesel engines with emissions norms. The scandal affected Porsche's diesel models, including the Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Panamera, leading to numerous claimants seeking compensation for the deceitful practices employed by the carmaker. The dieselgate scandal had widespread implications, not only for Porsche but also for claimants who were affected by the excessive nitrogen oxide emissions from their cars.

Understanding the Porsche Diesel Emissions Scandal

Porsche's Role in the Scandal

Porsche, like other carmakers within the VW Group, faced legal action and payouts due to its involvement in the diesel emissions scandal. The scandal involved Porsche's diesel models, which exceeded legal limits for nitrogen oxide emissions. Porsche diesel car owners were affected by the scandal, leading to legal action against the carmaker for their deceitful practices. The emissions scandal highlighted the importance of car manufacturers adhering to emissions norms and the consequences they face when found to be in violation.

Which Porsche diesel car models are affected?

Several Porsche diesel car models were affected by the emissions scandal, including the Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Panamera. The scandal impacted Porsche's diesel engines, which powered these models, and led to legal action against the carmaker. The Porsche Macan 3.0 Litre V6 Euro 6, Porsche Cayenne 3.0 Litre V6 Euro 6, Porsche Cayenne S 4.2 Litre V8, and Porsche Panamera 4.0 Litre V8 were among the models affected by the scandal. The original German recall affected the 3.0-litre V6 diesel Macan and 4.2-litre V8 diesel Cayenne, which both feature engines developed by Audi. The scandal had far-reaching implications for Porsche diesel car owners, necessitating legal action in their pursuit of justice.

Porsche Emissions Scandal: Key Statistics

Statistic Source
Porsche's parent company, Volkswagen Group, admitted to installing emissions-cheating software in 11 million vehicles worldwide, including Porsche models Reuters
The scandal affected approximately 99,000 Porsche vehicles worldwide, primarily the Cayenne Diesel and Panamera Diesel models Automotive News Europe
Porsche recalled around 22,000 Cayenne Diesel vehicles in Europe in 2017 to address the emissions-cheating software issue BBC News
The recall included Porsche Cayenne Diesel models produced between 2014 and 2017 Automotive News Europe
Porsche set aside €1 billion ($1.1 billion) to cover the costs related to the emissions scandal Reuters
The company's operating profit dropped by 6.1% in 2016, partly due to expenses related to the emissions scandal Porsche Newsroom
Porsche's CEO, Oliver Blume, apologised for the company's role in the emissions scandal and pledged to focus on sustainability and electrification Handelsblatt
Porsche agreed to pay $599 million to settle emissions-related claims in the US The New York Times
Porsche's global sales dropped by 4% in 2016, the year following the emergence of the emissions scandal Porsche Newsroom

Please note that these statistics were sourced from various news outlets and may be subject to updates as the Porsche emissions scandal develops.

Identifying Your Eligibility for a Porsche Diesel Claim

Identifying Your Eligibility for a Porsche Diesel Claim

If you own a Porsche diesel car, you may wonder if you are eligible to file a diesel claim for compensation. Several criteria determine eligibility for a Porsche diesel claim, including legal limits for emissions and the impact of the scandal on claimants. Understanding these criteria is crucial in determining if you can pursue a claim and seek compensation for the harm caused by the dieselgate scandal.

Criteria for Eligibility

To be eligible for a Porsche diesel claim, claimants must meet specific criteria related to the diesel emissions scandal. These criteria encompass legal and regulatory aspects, ensuring that claimants have a legitimate basis for seeking compensation. Fulfilling the eligibility criteria is essential for successfully pursuing legal action and receiving a Porsche diesel claim settlement. Seeking legal guidance to understand these criteria and their implications is advised for claimants who wish to initiate a claim.

Porsche Models Affected

Porsche diesel emissions scandal impacted various models, including the Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Panamera, among others. These models were part of the scandal, leading to legal action against Porsche and compensation claims from affected owners. Being aware of which Porsche models are affected is crucial for claimants seeking compensation, as it helps them understand the scope of the scandal and its implications on their specific vehicle models.

How to Determine if Your Porsche is Part of Dieselgate

Determining if your Porsche is part of the dieselgate scandal is simple, just use the reg checker on this page and you will receive an answer in seconds if your vehicle has been affected. Then just comlete the short online form detailing ownership details, personal contact details and a signiture and then your claim is ready to submit.

Steps to Initiate a Claim

Initiating a claim for Porsche diesel emissions requires following a series of steps. These were outlined above and then you are allocated a claims specialist for the emissions sector. By engaging with legal professionals experienced in handling Porsche diesel emissions claims, claimants can navigate the process and seek the compensation they deserve.

Legal Assistance for Diesel Emissions Claims

Legal assistance is crucial for claimants pursuing Porsche diesel emissions claims. Law firms specialising in diesel emissions claims provide valuable support, representing claimants throughout the legal process. These law firms understand the complexities of diesel emissions claims, including legal fees and costs, and offer expertise in pursuing claims on a no-win, no-fee basis. We will only introduce you to specialists firm who work on a no win no fee basis to significantly increase your chances of receiving a fair settlement for the harm caused by the dieselgate scandal.

Compensation for Porsche Diesel Emissions Claims

If you have been affected by the dieselgate scandal, you may be wondering about the potential compensation you could receive through a Porsche diesel emissions claim. Estimating potential compensation figures is an important aspect of pursuing a claim, as it helps claimants understand the scope of their claim and the potential financial outcome. In this case, a potential claim in deceit against Porsche could also be considered as part of your compensation options.

Estimating Potential Compensation Figures

Estimating potential compensation figures for Porsche diesel emissions claims involves considering various legal and financial aspects. Each claim is unique, and the compensation amount depends on factors such as the extent of harm caused, duration of ownership, legal fees, and the vehicle's registration number (reg). Understanding these factors and consulting legal professionals specialising in diesel emissions claims can provide claimants with a clearer picture of the potential compensation they may be entitled to.

Factors Affecting the Resale Value of Your Porsche

The dieselgate scandal and its association with Porsche diesel cars can affect the resale value of these vehicles. Potential buyers may perceive these cars as having lower value due to the scandal, impacting their resale value. Understanding the factors that influence the resale value, such as the timing of the sale and market perception, can help you make informed decisions when selling your Porsche post-scandal.

What if My Porsche Claim is Denied?

If your Porsche diesel claim is denied, you may wonder what steps you can take next. A denied claim does not necessarily mean the end of your pursuit for compensation. There may be options available to challenge the denial and seek the settlement you deserve, it will all depend on the judges wording.

Can I Reapply for a Settlement if My Porsche Diesel Claim is Denied?

If your Porsche diesel claim settlement is denied, you can explore legal avenues to challenge the decision. Reapplying for a settlement, seeking legal advice, and understanding the reasons behind the denial are crucial in determining the viability of further legal action. Claimants who face a denied claim should consult legal professionals with expertise in diesel emissions claims to explore potential legal remedies and ensure their rights are protected.

What if My Porsche Claim is Denied