Why make a Claim?

3,000,000 Could Claim

There were over 1,200,000 new Renault sold or leased in the UK between 2008 - 2018 and any owner of these vehicles in this date range (either from new or pre owned) can make a claim whether you owned or leased the car and whether you still have the car now or not. This means there are over 2,500,000 people who can claim

No Risk and No Cost

This assertion will be presented to Renaultas part of a collective legal action, where a significant number of similar claims will be determined through a single verdict. The legal professionals will operate on a contingency fee basis, implying that you won't incur any expenses; their fees will be covered by the compensation obtained from Renault.

Top Legal Experts

The group will be represented by a prominent law firm based in London, possessing a track record of successfully managing and prevailing in collective legal actions against major multinational corporations. This enhances your prospects of securing compensation.

What have Renault done wrong?

The Emissions cheat scandal, commonly referred to as DieselGate, involves allegations of deceptive practices by Renaultand other car manufacturers concerning their diesel vehicles. They are accused of equipping their vehicles with a "defeat device" or "cheat device" specifically designed to manipulate emissions tests. As a result, the test results for the vehicles subjected to these tests were inaccurate, allowing them to pass with artificially lower emissions readings, thereby meeting legal standards for road use.

In reality, the release of NOx emissions from these vehicles is significantly higher than what was officially recorded. This means that individuals who purchased these vehicles with the intention of being more environmentally friendly were misled and unwittingly contributed to environmental harm. Additionally, the vehicles' actual performance falls short of the advertised claims, resulting in lower mileage per gallon and increased fuel consumption, which has translated into higher expenses for the owners.

What have Renault done wrong

Renault Diesel Claim: Get Compensation Now

If you own a Renault diesel vehicle, you may be eligible for compensation due to the Renault Diesel Emission Scandal, also known as Dieselgate. This scandal, which has affected car brands worldwide, including Renault, has led to legal claims and group actions against car manufacturers.

The Renault Diesel Emission Scandal pertains to what?

The Dieselgate scandal shook the automotive industry, tarnishing the reputation of car brands, including Renault and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). It all started with allegations of car manufacturers manipulating emissions tests, using defeat device technology to deceive regulators and emit higher levels of nitrogen oxide (NOx) than permitted. This scandal brought diesel emissions standards under increased scrutiny, leading to legal fees, claims management company involvement, and legal actions against car manufacturers, including Renault. In 2017, an investigation was carried out on FCA which revealed that over 100,000 diesel SUVs and trucks, such as the Dodge Ram 1500 and the Jeep Grand Cherokee models, were equipped with software that enabled them to surpass NOx pollution limits without being detected by standard testing methods.

Criminal Investigation Initiation (2016): Renault faced scrutiny after French authorities detected abnormal NOx levels in their diesel engines, indicating a breach of emissions rules.

Suspected Defeat Device: Allegations suggest Renault used software in vehicles to manipulate emissions during lab tests, leading to higher real-world emissions.

Serious Health and Environmental Impact: NOx emissions linked to severe health issues including asthma, cancer, and depression. And Post-fix vehicles reported reduced fuel efficiency.

Your Rights in the Scandal: If affected, explore your options to claim against Renault for the dieselgate scandal's impact on health and finances.

The Impact of Dieselgate on Renault

The diesel emissions scandal had far-reaching consequences for Renault. The company faced legal fees and claims management company involvement, further impacting its financial standing. Additionally, the scandal raised questions about the emission levels of diesel vehicles, causing concern among car owners and potential buyers, affecting Renault's sales and market reputation.

What is involved in the Renault Emissions Compensation Claims?

What is involved in the Renault Emissions Compensation Claims

Should investigations confirm Renault misled customers regarding emission levels, compensation claims could be pursued for various reasons:

Legal Grounds for Claims: Our solicitors would consider claims for deceit, breaches of consumer protection laws, contractual violations, and infringements of the Competition Act.

Potential Compensation Areas:

  • Loss of vehicle value.
  • Overpayment recovery.
  • Distress and inconvenience from recalls or repairs.

Claim Evaluation: If your claim is valid, we can discuss the potential compensation you might be eligible to receive.

Renault Emissions Scandal: Key Statistics

Statistic Source
Renault recalled 15,000 vehicles in 2016 to fix emissions-cheating software Reuters
French authorities raided Renault's facilities in 2017 as part of an emissions fraud investigation BBC News
Renault's tests showed that some of its vehicles exceeded legal emissions limits by up to 377% Financial Times
The affected models included the Renault Captur and Clio IV Financial Times
Renault faced a potential fine of up to €3.5 billion for the emissions cheating scandal The Guardian
The company's market value dropped by €3.5 billion in the aftermath of the scandal Bloomberg
Renault allocated €50 million to cover the costs related to the emissions issue Reuters
The French government, which owns a 15% stake in Renault, pressed the company to address the scandal The New York Times
Renault's CEO, Thierry Bolloré, was ousted in 2019 amidst the fallout from the emissions scandal CNN Business

Please note that these statistics were sourced from various news outlets and may be subject to updates as the Renault emissions scandal develops.

Eligibility for the Renault Diesel Claim

To be eligible for the Renault diesel claim, car owners must meet specific criteria related to their diesel vehicles. Let's explore the eligibility criteria further.

Criteria for Claim Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for the Renault diesel claim revolve around vehicle ownership and the specific diesel cars affected by the emissions scandal. To qualify, car owners must meet certain conditions, ensuring that their diesel vehicle falls under the claim eligibility.

Checking Your Vehicle's Eligibility

To determine if your Renault diesel vehicle is eligible for the claim, you can use the online vehicle registration checker provided. This online tool allows car owners to input their vehicle's details, such as the specific model and year, to verify eligibility. Checking eligibility is a crucial step in pursuing diesel emission claims against Renault. Following the receipt of further evidence, we will thoroughly assess your vehicle to determine if it is affected by the emissions issue. If we find that your particular vehicle is not affected, we will explain this to you fully. It doesn't matter if your vehicle was bought new or second hand, you are still eligible to join the claim.

Compensation from Renault Diesel Claims

If you are eligible, you may be entitled to compensation from Renault due to the diesel emissions scandal. The potential compensation amounts vary depending on individual cases and specific circumstances.

Potential Compensation Amounts

The compensation amounts for Renault diesel claims are determined based on the extent of impact and eligibility of claimants. Each claim is unique, and potential compensation levels vary accordingly. It is important for claimants to understand the potential compensation amounts available for their claims.

Factors Influencing Your Compensation

Several factors influence the compensation calculation for Renault diesel claims. These factors include emission levels, vehicle ownership, and the overall impact of the scandal on claimants. It is important for claimants to be aware of these factors, as they play a significant role in determining their compensation amounts.

What to Expect After Claim Submission

Here is the time journey for submitting your claim.

What is the typical duration of a diesel emissions claim?

The duration of a diesel emissions claim can vary depending on individual circumstances. Factors such as evidence gathering, legal proceedings, and the complexity of the case can influence claim duration. While it is difficult to provide an exact timeframe, claimants are advised to consult legal experts who can provide estimated claim timeframes and keep claimants updated on the progress of their company car diesel emissions claim. In the mean time, you will be contacted by the solicitor to let you know they have accepted your case and they will ask for some additional paperwork such as proof of ownership (through MOT certificate, insurance document, V5 etc).

What to Expect After Claim Submission

What is involved in the Renault Diesel Emissions Scandal?

The Renault diesel emissions scandal revolves around allegations of emissions test manipulations, primarily related to nitrogen oxide emissions exceeding permitted levels. It is part of the broader Dieselgate scandal, which affected car brands worldwide, raising concerns about emission standards and car manufacturer wrongdoing. Renowned law firms, such as Leigh Day, are equipped to handle legal claims related to the Renault scandal. The emissions levels are a major focus of the scandal, as the software used by Renault limits engine power and artificially reduces emissions during lab tests, but fails to do so in real-world conditions on the road. This discrepancy results in much higher emissions levels than those observed in the lab, sometimes up to 15 times higher. In fact, independent tests carried out by the German car company ADAC have shown that many diesel vehicles, such as the Volvo S60, have exceeded legal European emission limits for nitrogen oxide (NOx) by more than 10 times.

What is the main topic of the Renault emission claim?

A Renault emission claim relates to allegations of emissions standards violations by the car manufacturer, Renault. It focuses on the wrongdoing of car brands involved in the emissions scandal, such as Volkswagen, and includes claims management company involvement, defeat device technology, and exceeding emission standards. Legal entities, such as law firms, assist claimants in understanding the basis of their Renault emission claims. UK drivers who were affected by the Volkswagen emissions scandal have also argued that Volkswagen engines contained defeat device software, similar to the one identified by the KBA in the case of Renault. This software sensed when the vehicle was being tested and artificially reduced emissions in order to pass the test.

Which Renault vehicles are Affected by dieselgate Scandal?

The diesel emissions scandal affected various Renault diesel vehicles, including cars from brands like Nissan and Dacia, as they share diesel engines. Affected vehicles include new and second-hand diesel cars, and legal firms specialising in diesel emissions claims can provide further guidance on eligible models.

Ongoing Investigation: The exact scope of affected Renault models is still under assessment. Preliminary Model List include:

  • The popular Clio
  • The versatile Captur
  • The spacious Espace
  • The dynamic Megane
  • The family-friendly Scenic

Production Years in Question: Models built from 2008 to 2018.

Check Your Vehicle’s Status: Use our eligibility checker to see if your Renault is part of the Dieselgate scandal.

What is the process for expressing my interest in pursuing a claim against Renault?

To register your interest in making a diesel claim against Renault, you can utilise online registration platforms provided by legal firms. These platforms allow claimants to express their intent to claim against Renault and provide essential information for further assessment of eligibility. Legal representatives can guide claimants through the registration process, ensuring a smooth experience.

What are the consequences of the Renault diesel claim for the company and its customers?

The consequences of the Renault diesel claim for the company and its customers include potential financial losses for Renault due to legal settlements and compensation payouts, damage to the company's reputation, and a loss of trust from customers who may switch to other automotive brands.

How to Get Started with Your Diesel Claim

How to Get Started with Your Diesel Claim

Now that you have a better understanding of the Renault diesel claim, let's explore how you can get started with your claim.

Choosing a Reliable Legal Expert

A crucial step in pursuing your diesel claim is choosing a reliable legal expert, such as a reputable law firm specialising in diesel emissions claims in London. Our legal experts can provide expert advice, guide claimants through the claims process, and assess claim eligibility. Look for legal professionals experienced in group actions such as our team, offering services on a no-win, no-fee basis, ensuring your claim is handled with expertise.

The Process of Filing a Claim

Navigating the Diesel Emissions Claim Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Initial Assessment: Begin with an evaluation of your claim's legal standing.
  • Fee Structure: Benefit from our no-win, no-fee arrangement for cost-effective legal support.
  • Active Participation: Be prepared to provide additional evidence upon request from legal teams.
  • Claim Management Assistance: Utilise claims management companies for streamlined administrative support.
  • Expert Legal Advice: Rely on professional lawyers to guide you through the complexities of your diesel emissions claim